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Surf Ninjas Trivias

When Iggy is told he's not a Patusani prince since he's not Asian, he cites David Carradine as proof that he is, undoubtedly a reference to the fact that Carradine played a Chinese man in the TV series Kung Fu, despite being Caucasian. Interestingly, Rob Schneider is in fact 1/4 Filipino, and thus really is Asian.

Adam calls the ninjas Quimbys, possibly a reference to Chief Quimby of Inspector Gadget, who often wore outlandish disguises.

The map that charts the trip taken from California to Patu San shows a ship going from the Atlantic Ocean (or thereabouts) and through the Panama Canal, while the first part of the movie takes place in California where the ship should have departed.

For his presentation to the Baba Ram of Mee Grob, a holy man introduced in the story, Johnny and some back-up singers perform a spoof of the popular song Barbara Ann by The Beach Boys. The song appears again at the end of the movie in its unaltered form.

In a December 1999 interview with Stuff magazine, actress Kelly Hu reminisced about her experience making the film:

"The very first time I ever did any stunt work was in Thailand on this wild movie — Surf Ninjas," 'Martial Law' star Kelly Hu recalled. "I was supposed to beat up this one guy by kicking him in the groin. I told him he should wear a cup, but he said, 'No! I tough! I stuntman.' Of course, I nailed him in the nuts. Everybody in the crew went, 'Ohhh!' He didn't get up."

No game cartridge in Game Gear hand-held video game system used and played by the kids.When they are in a cave, Zatch cuts a piece of Johnny's shirt on the top left. In subsequent shots, the cut is gone.

After they cut surfboards out of the trees and begin surfing on them, one of them is using an ankle cuff, attaching the surfer to the surfboard.When showing the battleship piece moving across the map of the world, it starts off on the east coast instead of L.A.

In the scene when Adam steals the jeep to rescue his family and friends, the driver's seat moves from left to right throughout the scene.When Adam is trying to point out Spain on the map, the country he is pointing to jumps between shots.

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