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A2C Biography

A2C is a R&B/Neo-Soul duet, consisting of Filipino-American siblings, Allan Troy and Cheesa Laureta. They were born on the island paradise of Hawaii, where they began shaping a music career that would make them a hit among the locals of Hawaii. For nearly a decade, they have captivated audiences with their soulful vocals, unique musical arrangements, and enthusiastic stage-presence and charisma. Currently, they reside in Los Angeles, California, where they hope to expand their fan base on a more national and international level.

Allan Troy Laureta (April 12, 1988) and Cheesa Laureta (August 4, 1990) were born to Filipino immigrants from Manila and Cebu, Philippines. Their father, Joseph Laureta, is of Ilocano, Tagalog, and Pangasinan heritage, while their mother, Martiniana Laureta, is a full-blooded Visayan. Troy and Cheesa were raised in Ewa Beach, Hawaii, a suburban community along the leeward coast of the island. At a very early age, Troy began taking an interest in the piano. By the time he was 6 years old, he was able to play simple melodies such as “Mary Had A Little Lamb” and “Twinkle Little Star,” as well as compose tunes of his own. Thus, his mother enrolled him at the Ellen Masaki School of Music, where he would study classical piano until he was 14. On the other hand, Cheesa began singing at the age of 4, making her debut performance at a family gathering with Mariah Carey‘s “Hero.” Joseph, a former musician, began mentoring his children and exposed them to different types of music such as Motown, R&B, Soul, and Filipino folk. Troy and Cheesa began performing together in 1996. Troy played the piano, while Cheesa sang. Their repertoire was still fresh, singing songs from Disney, Selena, and broadway plays. In 1998, Troy and Cheesa were approached by an agent, who wanted the two to compete in the Los Angeles World Championship of Performing Arts competition. However, it was later discovered that Troy would not be able to compete because there was no piano category. Therefore, Cheesa taught Troy to sing two numbers for the competition, winning him 2nd place in his age bracket. This became the defining moment, in which Troy and Cheesa would join forces to form a duo singing act. Their debut performance occurred in 2000 at a singing recital for the Performing Artist Academy, under the direction of vocal teacher, William Dacquioag. After the recital, Troy and Cheesa would be included in the regular schedule of performances all over Hawaii.

In 2004, Troy and Cheesa would be recognized by VSA Arts, an organization that supports those with disabilities. Here, they would make their first record, under Koke Kula records. They were hired as vocalist for deaf-band “Beethoven’s Nightmare” for two numbers, “I Want To Be An American” and “Turn It Up Louder.” Troy and Cheesa worked a numerous prestigious people during this project, including Alan Sides, owner of the legendary Ocean Way Studio, home to the likes of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. The record project would expose Troy and Cheesa to a more diverse audience, outside of their Filipino and local admirers. However, it was not until 2005 that Troy and Cheesa would achieve significant success in promoting their new image and new title, A2C.

In 2005, a promotional company approached Troy and Cheesa to be the opening acts for one of the most awaited concerts in Hawaii, “The Greatest Hitmakers Concert,” featuring legendary songwriters such as Rey Valera and Rico J. Puno. Here, the name A2C would be formally established. It is this concert that would launch A2C in a new level of popularity among the Hawaiian community. Eventually, A2C held their own concert on July 15, 2005 at the Ilikai Renaissance Hotel, showcasing their talent not just as singers, but as musicians and performers. A2C would be invited to perform with other stars such as Sarah Geronimo, Sheryn Regis, Sharon Cuneta, and Martin Nievera. In 2006, A2C went on tour with the Visayan rock band Aegis, alongside American Idol finalist Camile Velasco. These performances helped A2C create a name for themselves as the “Soulful Siblings of Hawaii.”

In the summer of 2006, ABS-CBN wanted to feature A2C on the new reality show, “Pinagmulan,” which brought Filipino-Americans back to the Philippines. In their episode, A2C were asked to do a variety of shows, including write a song in fifteen minutes and consume a lizard as a remedy for their asthma. In addition, they were reunited with a close relative, who used to took care of the two siblings. The show aired in September of 2006. Shortly before the show airing, A2C left their native Hawaii to venture to Los Angeles, California, where they would continue their education, as well as their career.

Currently, Troy attends the Los Angeles Musician’s Institute, while Cheesa finishes high school at Hollywood High School. They are making plans to explore the industry and are trying to establish themselves as singers, producers, arrangers, and songwriters.

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