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Jacob's Dream Biography

Jacobs Dream is an American Christian power metal band originally based out of Columbus, Ohio, that formed in the mid 1990s under the name of Iron Angel. Their first three full length releases were released on the Metal Blade Records label.They are known for sounding like Queensryche.

The band features guitarists John Berry and Jon Noble, bassist James Evans, drummer Gary Holtzman, and frontman Chaz Bond. The groups first major release was in 2000 with their self titled album Jacobs Dream which was released on Metal Blade Records. The bands original vocalist David Taylor left after the second album Theater of War due to family commitments. Taylor was then replaced by ex-Biogenesis vocalist Chaz Bond who first appeared on the 2005 album Drama of the Ages. The sound of the band could be described as that of Iron Maiden or Judas Priest with slightly more progressive tendencies, similar to that of Fates Warning, but heavier. In 2008 the band released the album "Dominion Of Darkness".

Chaz Bond - vocals
John Berry - guitar
Jon Noble - guitar
James Evans - bass guitar
Gary Holtzman - drums

Former members:
Derek Eddleblute - Guitar
Billy Queen - Drums
David Taylor - Vocals

Jacobs Dream Demo (indie 1997)
Jacobs Dream (Metal Blade 2000)
Theater of War (Metal Blade 2001)
Drama of the Ages (Metal Blade 2005)
Dominion of Darkness (Indie 2008)

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